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Is Playing Sports Better Than Exercise?

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Play Sports Lose Weight

So what is wrong with this question – “Is Playing Sports Better Than Exercise?” – if you are paying attention you would probably figure out that they are one in the same!  When you play sports, you are getting exercise.  But it really is a trick question, because the word exercise is taken out of context – think of the question as “should I play sports to get exercise, or should I go to the gym for exercise” – really two different things.

So which is better?  Sports or the gym?

I have gone to the gym, and failed miserably.  I am not as regimented in that respect.  Though going to the gym you have the advantage of a personal trainer or at least someone to speak to to ensure that your workouts are accomplishing your fitness goals I’ve always found the gym boring and sometimes embaressing.  Where I used to live, I went to a gym on a fairly regularly – but it was full of muscular and thin men and women.  I felt out of place being a big guy.  In fact, I never saw big people at the gym.

Eventually I stopped going.

Over the last year, I’ve started playing more sports and going outdoors instead.  Partly to aid with weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and also because my son who is now 6-years old has so much energy that we have to get him outside to burn it off.

I enjoy going outside more because I don’t have anyone watching me.  I can exercise at my own pace, and I have fun doing it.

I find that you get more of a rush when you’re outdoors enjoying the good weather and tossing in some exercise — it does not feel like exercise.  Going to the gym felt like work and it was boring, unless I could find someone to come with me — which was always easier said than done.

The verdict?  It is really up to you.  Either way you are getting a chance to work out your body, one is more regimented and does require a certain amount of will power but the other allows you to exercise on your own terms.

Here is to your health!



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