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Tips For Overweight Men Dress Clothes

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Step into summer at Casual Male XL!How Should Overweight Men Dress?

Guys – especially if you’re a career guy that is working in an office and overweight. PAY ATTENTION. Here are some tips for overweight men and their dress clothes.

You need to dress for success, no matter what your size. That means frumpy is out, slobby is out.

I see many guys who are borderline overweight, and they dress like slobs. Old or outdated shirts, or shirts that are a little too thin so you can see every hair on their chest. Not nice to look at, especially if you have to deal with them daily.

I also see a lot of overweight guys that wear shirts just too small (in body) for them. So much so that you can see their (eeeeeewwwwwwww) hairy belly-button. Guys, guys, guys – NOBODY wants to see that. If you’re trying to impress the boss, I’m sure that they are NOT impressed.

Wear clothes that are a good fit for you – don’t buy clothes TOO BIG but just right. I’ll give you my example. I like slightly larger clothes, and although I am a 3x, I may buy a 3XLT or 4x. What’s the difference? 3x is normal, 3xlt is LONG/TALL – so the body will be slightly longer as will the arms. The LT always means LONG/TALL.

If you are a 3x, consider a 3xlt but not 4x. It will make you look much bigger than you are.

Now I’m not a style expert, but I think I dress well – I do have the advantage of a spouse that insists I dress well when I am at work so she will come out with me when I buy dress pants, or shirts and she is pretty fashion conscious.

Now mind you buying clothes when you’re BIG is expensive. My pants will cost on average $80.00 so I tend to look for deals, and see if the store offers some type of customer incentive (the store I use offers a 10% discount all the time provided you subscribe to their flyers).

Most stores will offer this, though honestly they don’t have to. Some will even run sales where you can stack the savings – for instance, I purchased 5 pairs of dress pants of very high quality that were $95.00 each. They were on sale at 50% off and on top of that they gave me an additional 10% – I actually asked if there was any other discount available (if you’re keeping track, those $95.00 pants are now $42.75) and the store manager checked and said that the pants would be on clearance in a few weeks and would be marked down an additional 10% – he gave it to me right then instead.

So you just had a lesson in economics – BARGAIN when you can! Kidding – the store manager knows me well as I buy a lot of clothes from them and rarely return anything.

Although I like to stay in-fashion, I’m not one that cares whether the color is summer, spring, fall or winter. Bah – a pant, is a pant is a pant – I will pay attention when it comes to shirts though… you’ll see why later on. I will however be very cautious with material as a heavier material in summer is a sign of disaster because you will sweat like a mad man! Nothing is ickier than a fat, sweaty guy.

Look for shirts with some type of pattern to them, and if possible look at Oxfords. I like them because of the button down collar, it looks very professional and if you’re working in a business casual environment it is a perfect fit.

If you must wear tie and suit to work, look for dress shirts that might use a slighly heavier material and if you must wear solids, opt for darker colors instead of whites or brights. Honestly, white shirts on BIG guys or lighter colored shirts on big guys looks very, um… dorky — more so if you’re someone who is much lighter in color and doesn’t darken during the summer (yah, I’m talking to you white guys out there!).

Now although you should wear a slighly heavier shirt – pick and choose wisely.  You don’t want to be walking around with your pits drenched or your shirt looking soaked.  We’ll get into personal hygiene as this is even more important for the big guys out there in a later post.

Typically shirts that I buy are very business casual and will cost between $20 and $80 depending on what I find, and the type of material used.

When you’re looking for clothes – think it through ALL THE WAY – this includes under clothes as well, not to mention socks!  While white will keep you cool – white socks on dress pants is a no-no. ALWAYS, always, always wear dark socks on dress clothes – even business casual. Also consider the type of underwear you wear. Boxers are nice, but will be a bit warmer. Most undergarments are cotton, or a cotton/poly mix or some type of cotton mix so don’t fret too much about this. You can also find silk undergarments or silk/mix undergarments… anyway enough about undergarments.

Socks. You can never have enough. All I can say is pick and choose wisely. I prefer a lighter material regardless of the time of year and will usually look for a cool cotton blend. As I said earlier, with dress slacks or a suit always, always pick a dark color usually black. If you must coordinate with your pants, pick the closest color possible BUT NO WHITE SOCKS! Say that to yourself 1,000,000 times – NO WHITE SOCKS WITH DRESS CLOTHES. You will look like an idiot.

Now have I missed anything… pants, shirts, socks, undergarments… Nope, think I’ve got it all covered. If you have some ideas that you would like to share, I’d love to hear from you! Comments are open and though you may not see your comment right away – I check and approve comments daily.

Here is a quick summary of what we discussed, plus a few additional points:

  1. Wear clothes that fit well now, not what fit well 5 years ago. Styles change, and you will look silly if you wear worn out clothes or stuff that’s just a bit too small.
  2. Don’t buy shirts that are HUGE and BAGGY – you will look bigger than you actually are.
  3. If you have trouble keeping your shirt tucked in – look for LT or just T on the label – like 3XL or 3XT the L or T specify LONG/TALL.
  4. If the pants fit, but feel too baggy – get them altered, otherwise like the shirt you will look bigger than you actually are.
  5. Wear shirts with some type of design – but preferably not horizontal stripes or designs – you’ll look B-I-G-G-E-R.  If you like stripes, choose thin vertical stripes.
  6. I’ve been advised not to wear pleats, but I look very bad in pants without pleats. Hint – try them on and see how you look. I prefer pleats, as it looks more professional and much nicer.
  7. DON’T stuff your clothes with things – like cell phone, wallet, keys, money etc.,but at the same time, please don’t buy one of those waist wallets – fat guys look dorky with these on. Also don’t buy a male purse that you swing over your shoulder – again, fat guys look dorky with these. What I do when I come to work is keep all those items in a soft carry bag – like a laptop bag. This looks very professional.
  8. Light colors attract, darker colors detract.
  9. and YES – there are TIES for big guys; don’t wear a tie that makes your stomach look bigger than it is! I’ve seen so many men wear a small tie when it clearly doesn’t look good. Invest in a few good ties that are “king size”.

Some resources for you:

Do you have any other fashion tips for big guys? If so, I’d love to read them! Simply comment on this post.

Here is to your health!


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